Industry leader Stauf from Germany is at the forefront of the ‘green’ adhesives movement.

Italy’s Chimiver produces high-quality, completely water-free epoxy adhesives, ideal for laying unfinished and prefinished solid wood floors.

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Chimiver Adhesive Elastic

A prepolymerbased, single-component adhesive with a silanic termication(MS technology), totally free from water, solvents, amines, tin, isocyanates and epoxy resins.

Stauf SMP-930

A one component elastic fast setting wood floor adhesive suitable for plank and wideboard wood flooring.

(SMP-based adhesive)

Excellent for engineered wood

Stauf VDP-160 (Primer)

Dispersion-based primer to retard the moisture from a humid sub-floor to acceptable level for wood flooring installation and to bridge minor cracks in the cement sub floor.

Chimiver Sigil-la

Specially formulated to glue down teak parquet, block and strips on concrete surface.

SikaBond T55 Adhesive (Sausage pack)

Flexible brown colour adhesive for decking or wet area repair