World leading floor sanding machines, Lägler of Germany stands for functional and ergonomic perfection. Their products are as easy to maintain as they are to handle and meet stringent environmental and safety requirements.

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ELAN-Stair & Edge Sander

Wide application range, proven technology and low weight makes the ELAN versatile.
Optionally available with different attachments.
Wood dust exposure < 2mg/m3

ELF 200 Drum Sander

Conventional drum sander designed to produce above average finishing results.

Flip 155 Edge & Corner Sander

The first wood dust certified edge sander in the world.
Unbeatable efficiency.
Optionally available with long attachments or corner attachments.
Wood dust exposure < 0,2mg/m3

Hummel-Belt Sander

The world’s most sellable, highly efficient endless belt sander

The first, the best and the best-selling belt sander in the world.
Highest performance and perfect sanding quality.
Wood dust exposure < 2mg/m3

Lagler Single Disc Machine

The SINGLE is the only real single disc sander.

Lagler Trio-Three Disc Sander

Designed to produce near perfect sanding results. The first wood dust certified fine sander in the world.
Easiest operation for premium surfaces.
Wood dust exposure < 0,2mg/m3

Parkett Scraper – With Handle

Parkett Scraper – Tool for reaching the edges not reachable by edger sanding machine

Profit Centrifugal Sander

¾ size sander designed for sanding small areas and for repair jobs that can be easily handled by one person.
Includes the modern LAGLER centrifical sanding drum.
Robust, reliable and exceptionally easy to operate.
Wood dust exposure < 2mg/m3

Unico-Edge Sander

Ideal for the smooth sanding of all edges.
With a perfect ergonomic design for an optimum work position.
Swivable work lamp for a better view.
Available with different attachment lengths.
Wood dust exposure < 2mg/m3